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How to use fish in a curry

How to use fish in a curry

If using fish we recommend a firm white fish such as monkfish, halibut or ling. Any good fishmonger should suggest the best seasonal fish to use.

When choosing fish as the main ingredient in your Curry Pack, prepare the sauce the day before you plan to have your meal. On the following day, reheat the sauce then add the fish and poach gently for 5-10 minutes, or until cooked. Serve immediately!

Which Indian curry works best with fish? Check out our favourite recipes:

  • Thinking seasonally? The perfect fish curry for Summer is the Patia! Being a delicate Parsi dish, which creates a light sauce it's a winning accompaniment to fish - we suggest ling or coley. Find the recipe here.
  • Warm up with a Mackeral Madras - packed with South Indian spices and a tangy hit of tamarind puree!
  • A fan of hake or halibut? Then the Fish Mulligatanni is the one for you. The coconut milk and tomatoes create a rich, savoury flavour that pairs really well with these white fish, you really can't go wrong.

Still fishing for inspiration? Check out our cookbook!

Top tips for cooking a fish curry:

  • Keep the chunks of fish quite large or keep the skin on to help stop it falling apart too much
  • Add fresh crunchy veg along with fish to help provide a nice contrast - things like peas, green beans, peppers
  • Finish your fish curry off with a generous squeeze of fresh lemon/lime juice and be sure to pile on LOTS of fresh herbs!
  • Fancy trying something a little different? Add a couple of tablespoons of tamarind at the end of cooking (check out our handy Tamnarind Top Tips blog here)
  • Fish will cook quickly in your sauce so be careful not to overcook it! It is worth noting that fish will continue cooking in the pot, in the residual heat, so it is a good idea to have all other elements of the meal ready to serve before adding the fish to the sauce.
  • Cooking fish whole? Cooking sea bream, sea bass or even mackerel under the grill or on a BBQ gives the fish an extra level of flavour. It's a messier way to serve your meal - but that's part of the fun! Here's our Xacutti with sea bream recipe to get you started...
  • For a smaller, lightly spiced dish, which would be perfect as served alongside multiple dishes, you can also use our Coconut Vegetable Curry Pack. Simply add 300-400g of firm white fish along with 100g of peas, green beans or peppers.
  • Like any ingredient, using good quality, fresh fish will always offer the best results. Our teams at your local store will be able to direct you to our favourite fishmongers in your area. Shopping in Booths? There are plenty of options at their in-store fish counters. Shopping online? Try our fellow OFM winners field&flower.

Haven't found the answer to your fishy question? Our team are on hand to help! Give us a call, email, Facebook message or use our online chat!