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How to cook your Curry Pack

How to cook your Curry Pack

Our Curry Packs are very simple to make so you can cook a delicious, quality curry at home in under 30 minutes. We've listed a few suggestions to help make them as flavourful as can be!

Toasting your spices in a pan for a few minutes gets the flavours started. Simply pour the pack into the pan and toast on a low heat. You'll hear the spices start to sizzle and at this point, it's time to...

Add water and liquid ingredients

The next step is to add water and other needed ingredients for the pack you have. The ingredients vary depending on the pack, with tinned tomatoes, coconut milk and creamed coconut being some of the most common additions.

Add meat or other ingredients

We recommend adding meat like chicken into the curry raw so the meat can cook along with the curry. We have blogs on different types of meat like beef, pork and lamb to help you decide how to cook your curry. For root vegetables, roasting them before adding them to the curry will give more texture and a delightful charred flavour to your beloved veggies.

Let it cook

The packs vary in the amount of time they need to simmer, with some needing longer than others. Some curries you'll need to cover over to help with the cooking process and others need to simply simmer. You'll see the curry start to thicken up and some of the oils start to sit on top. Give your curry a stir, then either leave it to rest overnight (to develop those flavours further) or get ready to tuck in!


A great way to celebrate your finished curry is by adding a bit of garnish. We have a blog all about How to garnish your dish that can help you choose the best garnish for your specific curry.