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How to garnish your dish

How to garnish your dish

Garnishes make any dish eye-appealing and informs diners of upcoming tastes and textures. Wow your guests with these simple garnishes that will make your Rafi's dish much more photogenic while also adding an extra level of flavour to your plate. We've listed our favourite garnishes and which curries they will be perfect for.

Flaked almonds

Simply toast your almonds on a low heat to release their essential oils and enhance their crunchy and nutty flavour. Once they have browned slightly, they are ready to garnish on your favourite dishes. We recommend garnishing flaked almonds on our Moghlai, Pasanda, Korma, Tikka Masala.

Mint leaves

Grab a bunch of mint leaves then finely slice them. This will release their menthol scent and make them perfect for garnishing. This fresh herb will add another layer of flavour to dishes like our Patia.


Chopped coriander leaves are a much-loved garnish for Indian cooking as they add a bright and fresh flavour to dishes without overpowering any existing flavour. Coriander is a great garnish for curries and dhals, why not give it a go on your next Rafi's night?

Spring onions

Sweeter and mellower than normal onions, spring onions are a a great garnish for adding an extra crunch to your curry. Simply slice your spring onions and sprinkle them on your Rafi's. We recommend garnishing our Goan Green and Mulligatanni with spring onions.

Toasted desiccated coconut

Just like the flaked almonds, toast your desiccated coconut on a low heat to intensify the flavour. This will also give the dessicated coconut a lovely crunch and warming colour. This garnish would be delicious on any of our coconut based dishes, but we especially love this garnish on our Malay Rendang.