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How to cook a chicken curry

How to cook a chicken curry

Chicken sure is the most popular choice for a curry ingredient and it's no wonder why. We thought we'd share some top tips for you to try when you make your next Rafi's curry with chicken.

We recommend using chicken thighs either on or off the bone as they have more flavour than chicken breasts. Chicken thighs also keep their moisture whereas chicken breasts can often go dry.

However, if you do love your chicken breasts, cut them up and cook them for 20-30 minutes in your curry on a low heat. Adding the chicken in raw to your Curry Pack is the best way to cook your chicken. If you're worried about your chicken being undercooked, the best security method is to invest in a probe. This way you can easily find out if your chicken is 165 (F)/ 75 (C), so you can enjoy your meal with peace of mind.

Chicken can often contain a lot of moisture, so you might need to remove the lid during the final part of the cooking to reduce the sauce.

Cooking your curry the night before serving is another great way of adding more flavour and tenderness to your chicken. Letting your curry rest overnight, gives all those spices and flavours to soak into your chicken, creating a mouth-watering meal that you'll be running home to enjoy!

Our Homestyle is a delicious option to try your chicken tips with as this is Rafi's chicken curry recipe. This dish is a Fernandez family favourite, as it brings comforting memories of Rafi's home-cooking into the kitchen. Another chicken curry suggestion has to be the Makhani as it's a Rafi's version of the ever popular butter chicken. The rich and creamy sauce of the Makhani, soaks into the chicken making it the perfect dish to have when you fancy treating yourself.