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Lee's Summer Bhel Puri

Lee sent this recipe whilst on his travels in Mysore. It’s a really quick, fresh and tasty dish. A perfect summer salad full of vibrant colours, tastes and textures.

Suitable for vegetarians

Lee's Summer Bhel Puri


This recipe replaces the traditional potato often used in Bhel Puri dishes with creamy, rich avocado for a lovely summery taste.

  1. Mix the onion with a pinch of salt and vinegar and leave for 1 - 2 hours (this can be left for less time if you want a stronger onion taste or are simply impatient!) The vinegar takes away some of the raw heat as well as providing a nice tang.
  2. In a large bowl, mix together the cherry tomatoes, avocado, and beetroot.
  3. Drain any excess vinegar from the onions and add these to the rest of the vegetables.
  4. Just before serving, stir in the fresh coriander and crunchy Bombay mix. Eat immediately before the crunchy bits go soggy!

Although we recommend Spice Prince Bombay Mix, it works equally well with Chevda!

If you don't fancy beetroot, try substituting it for red cabbage, either chopped finely or coarsely grated.