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The Rafi's Spicebox Cookbook

Discover a new way to experience Indian food.


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This collection of recipes is the result of years of uncovering new ways of using spices to make delicious, healthy and easy-to-cook meals for you and your family to enjoy every day of the week.

With this book, we hope to show how easy and versatile using spices can be. A lot of these recipes are incredibly simple, but, by using good quality ingredients, simple spicing and a few key techniques, you can elevate your food to something that you’ll be excited about eating and sharing with your family and friends.

The book is crammed full with over 80 recipes that cover Basics, Light Bites, Meat & Fish, Veg, Drinks and Sweets. Dishes can easily be taken from the book to create full, exciting meals or used as accompaniments to our hand-made Curry Packs. We hope you’ll be able to incorporate spices into your food any day of the week, at any meal, to create delicious, interesting and well balanced food. We’ve included recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner and everything in between from BBQs to dinner parties, so there’ll be something tasty to cook for every occasion.

We really hope you enjoy cooking these dishes as much as we do!

Weight: 1kg.