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Spice up your BBQ with our BBQ Kit! Only £9.95

Rafi's Spice Tin (Masala Dabba)

A shiny Spice Tin jam-packed with 10 delicious Indian spices for use in cooking.


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This is THE best way to store your spices! The days of rooting around in the back of the cupboard for your out of date cumin are no more!

Inside this tin are seven smaller pots containing the following spices: Turmeric, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Onion Seeds, Mustard Seeds, Ajwain, and Green Cardamon. On top of this sits a cover tray holding a mixed pack of Cinnamon, Star Anise, and Dry Chillies. This is then sealed with a tight fitting lid to keep your spices fresh and away from the light.

The ingredients we have chosen are 10 of our most commonly used spices, meaning that this is a great starter kit for anyone wanting to cook Indian food. Check out The Rafi’s Spicebox Cookbook for delicious and simple recipes using these spices (and more!), or take a look at our recipe page for some more cooking inspiration.

With the Spice Tin you get information about all the spices included, as well as cooking tips. Plus, there is a voucher for a FREE spice refill once you’ve used them all!

Approximate weight: 1245g.

Product may vary from image shown.