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Seasoned Pioneers Sichuan Pepper (Whole)

Native Chinese Peppercorn


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Sichuan peppercorns are a native Chinese pepper that create a slight numbness in the mouth. The flavour is spicy and sweet with tangy notes. Rather than typical peppercorns, they are discarded seed husks.

Sichuan Pepper is an integral ingredient in Chinese Five Spice and many traditional Chinese medicines. In many rural areas of China, these peppercorns are thrown at newlyweds to symbolise fertility.

As well as the Sichuan region of China, these peppercorns are used within Nepalese and Tibetan cuisine. Toast in a pan before use or add to stir-fries, meat and seafood dishes. Sichuan pepper is also a great addition to Chow Mein and other noodle-based dishes.

Weight: 12g