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Who knew Indian breads could be THIS simple? ...and gluten-free too!

Who knew Indian breads could be THIS simple? ...and gluten-free too!

During his Indian Sabbatical, Lee took part in a five-day cookery course with his wonderful tutor, Sandya (pictured below). On each day of the course, the class prepared a full, South Indian meal with rice, breads, salads and curries. Wanting to become fully immersed in the South Indian dishes they were preparing, Lee was keen for Sandya to teach him some more unique, traditional recipes.

The Akki Roti recipe (or rice bread), was one of them.

Lee explains:

“This is a really simple, really versatile dish. Just add all the ingredients straight to your dough and add water if needed. The rule of thumb is the consistency of the dough - not too wet, not too dry.
Traditionally, an Akki Roti is eaten at breakfast, served alongside a Sambhar (a South Indian Dhal), which is the perfect breakfast for me!”

We have a simple recipe for the Akki Roti, however, the variations on this bread are endless! You can add any fresh ingredient that you like, try carrots, cooked courgettes, onions or even tomatoes. Lee’s top tip is to take into consideration the water content of the ingredients you choose, as this will affect the overall result; simply add less water with wetter vegetables.

If you want to make them in advance, make sure to coat them with a little extra butter or oil to help prevent them from drying out and wrap them in a damp tea towel.

As Lee has been experimenting with these breads, he’s tried serving them in many different ways. His current favourite is to “Use them as a vehicle for filling! Stuff them full of hummus, tomatoes and salad leaves for a great lunchtime snack.” Best of all, because these breads are made with rice flour they're completely gluten-free!

Why not give them a try for yourself? We'd love to see all the weird and wonderful ways you use your Akki Roti... A thin pizza base perhaps? Or as a savoury pancake? Share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #rafisspicebox

Sandya and Lee in Mysore

Sandya with Lee in Mysore