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What's in a Rafi's Curry Pack?

What's in a Rafi's Curry Pack?

Our Curry Packs make Indian cooking very simple by having everything you need all in one pack. Toast the spices, add your ingredients and you have a delicious, comforting curry within no time. With our range of 22 Indian Curries and 4 Thai/Malay dishes, there's plenty of flavour to discover. So, what goes into these delicious packs?

Paste is a fundamental part of our Curry Packs, with them adding huge amounts of flavour through infused spices and oils. Each paste is unique with different flavour profiles that compliment the different curries that we have on our menu.


If you're ordering online, all of our packs are made with chilli powder as standard when medium, hot or very hot are chosen. The great thing about chilli powder is that the heat is consistent throughout, making for a warming curry that will soothe your need for some heat. We use Indian green finger chillies (also known as Jwala chillies) when making up packs for customers on our Spice Desk. Packs with fresh chillies must be put in the fridge/freezer after purchase.

Fresh chillies can often vary in heat depending on their size and colour, and tend to be milder than their dried counterparts because they contain a higher ratio of water to capsaicin. If you're looking for a milder kick, fresh chillies (particularly the less spicy varieties) are the way to go. If you're ordering online, all of our packs are made with dry chilli powder as standard, since packs with fresh chillies need to be kept in the fridge.

Curry Leaves

We use curry leaves in a lot of our recipes as they add a complex citrus flavor often described as reminiscent of lemongrass, anise, and asafoetida but none of these comparisons do the flavours of this leaf justice! Just like our chilli powder, we use dried curry leaves when ordering online as packs with fresh leaves need to be kept in the fridge. However, you can request that we put fresh curry leaves and chillies in your packs if you desire as they will last out of the fridge for up to a week without suffering any loss in flavour or quality.

Lemongrass and Kaffir Lime Leaves

These potent ingredients are used within our Thai curries and Malay Rendang packs to bring the aromas of Southeast Asian into your home. Lemongrass is named so for its lemony aroma, offering notes of bright floral and cooling mint. Kaffir lime leaves are a favourite with our team, as their citrus flavour and scent is to be admired.


We have an abundance of spices that we use in our packs that are all of the highest quality in aroma and flavour. The spices used in our packs vary just as the paste does, providing different taste experiences across all of our dishes. We also have our own range of Spice Tins with 23 different spices that can help you create your own curries and other tasty dishes at home.

Crispy fried onions
We add fried onions to our packs as they add flavour and help to thicken the sauce of the curry. This delicious ingredient is also a great time saver in the kitchen. We add fried onions to our packs as it is very timely to fry an onion for the amount of time that's needed to get it ready to make a curry. They need to be cooked on a low heat and for a long time until they are brown and soft.

With a wide variety of Curry Packs to chose from, there's always a new dish to try (and enjoy!).