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Saag Gosht Ideas, Tips and Serving Suggestions

Saag Gosht Ideas, Tips and Serving Suggestions

An earthy, tomato-based dish traditionally made with lamb and tons of vibrant spinach, the Saag Gosht is a brilliant Spring curry. In the Punjab, where this curry was born, a large number of the population are farmers, who would pick the vegetables fresh from the fields to use in their meals that evening. This curry pairs well with fresh, seasonal veg and side dishes with contrasting tastes and textures.

Try it with:

  • Classic lamb chops or steaks with potatoes and sugar snap peas for crunch and texture.
  • Juicy king prawns for a deep and savoury seafood meal.
  • Sweet potato, cauliflower, aubergine and chickpeas with a garnish of spring onion, a variation of our much-loved Meat Free Saag Gosht.
  • Red kale, button mushrooms, and carrots - an alternative colourful and tasty veggie combo.

Top Tips:

  • Give yourself enough time to add the spinach at the end - that much spinach has to be added in batches unless you have a really big pan, and it takes a while to reduce!

Serving suggestions:

  • For something different, pour the curry sauce over cooked lamb chops and serve with spiced mash potato (mash up a batch of Bombay Potatoes) and crisp roast leeks. Simply split your leeks lengthways and roast in the oven for approximately 25 minutes.
  • Flatbreads and raita are the traditional accompaniment - try our Beetroot Raita or Spiced Mint and Cucumber Raita to pep it up a bit.
  • A variety of sides go well with this! Try a zesty and smooth Tarka Dhal or a Dum Aloo for a tangy and creamy potato dish.
  • Crunchy side salads work wonderfully with the earthy curry. Try our variation of the Kachoombar with radish or even just chopped cucumber sprinkled with chilli and salt.