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Caring for the environment and making the world a greener and cleaner place is extremely important to us at Rafi’s Spicebox, and we understand that we share this ethos with many of our customers. In light of this we’re jumping on the bandwagon and taking part in the #PlasticFreeFriday campaign - not only on a Friday but every day of the week!

Bring your own jar

Some of our customers already bring in their own clean, empty mason jars, jam jars or any sort of lidded container and request that their Curry Packs or spices be decanted straight into them, therefore skipping out the plastic. We are currently looking into biodegradable/reusable options for our spice blends, but until we find the perfect solution it would be a great start to our pledge by encouraging more of our customers to follow suit!

Additionally, each of our stores - except for our Newcastle (Fenwick Food Hall) store which unfortunately lacks storage space - will also be offering loose basmati rice to be weighed out into your container - meaning you have the ease of buying exactly what you need - not too little, not too much! This will definitely come in handy when using our guide to perfect rice.

Moving forwards

In the meantime, we have found a solution to our plastic carrier bags and will be phasing these out in the near future to introduce sturdy, recyclable paper bags. However, as we currently hold stock of our plastic carrier bags - which are strong and definitely reusable we would rather make the most of these than send them to the landfill before they've even been used.

Along with the future introduction of our new paper bags, we are looking to release some Rafi’s Spicebox branded tote bags, the perfect reusable container for all your reusable containers! All things considered though, we would always encourage our customers to bring their own reusable shopping bag in order to save the environment.

More information:

Our stores are part of the Refill tap water campaign, in which you can bring along your water bottle whilst out and about and we will refill it - free of charge! This is a great national campaign and is growing dramatically. To find out more follow this link: www.refill.org.uk

#PlasticFreeFriday is a campaign started by Friends of the Earth. The aim is to reduce our consumption of plastic by starting your plastic free journey through taking part one day a week. Their website has plenty of handy and helpful tips on how you can begin reducing your plastic use today: www.friendsoftheearth.uk/plastics/plastic-free-friday