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Pancake Day - Indian Syle!

Pancake Day - Indian Syle!

Pancake Day is celebrated by people all over the world, regardless of religious persuasion. For Christians it is the Tuesday before Lent (the 40 days before Easter Sunday) in which they can eat fatty, sweet, indulgent foods before a period of fasting. There is a large Christian population in India, but Pancake Day is a peculiarly British holiday (or Holy day, because who doesn’t love etymology? Oh, you don't? Um...), the British Pancake is made from a thin batter, and is usually eaten with a range of sweet toppings.

Indian Pancakes come in many different varieties, and are more often than not, savoury in nature. Rafi was particularly fond of Dosa, or Dosai, and we still make and eat her recipe as often as possible. Dosas (or dosai) are a traditional South Indian pancake made from ground rice and urid dhal. The batter is left to ferment, and then cooked as a thin pancake. It is commonly eaten as a street food snack or at breakfast, but they make a great change for a light dinner. Dosas are usually served with a vegetable filling, Masala Dosa (spiced potatoes) being one of the most popular. Alongside the dosa you will also find chutneys and sambhar. They come in various sizes, from the size of your plate to the world record length of 48.25 feet long! If you have a big enough pan, it is good fun to make a ‘family sized’ dosa, placed in the middle of the table, which everyone can then break bits off.

For a Masala Dosa, try using Rafi’s Bombay Potato Pack, but keep the mixture quite dry by not adding the tomatoes. Add the potato to the dosa, whilst it is still in the pan, and fold the dosa around the filling. Serve with a simple Coconut Chutney and Sambhar.