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Make the most of your Curry Pack

Make the most of your Curry Pack

We love to pass on our foodie knowledge, so here's a few ideas for how to get the most flavour out of our Curry Packs.

Dry-fry your curry pack

Empty the pack into a non-stick pan and cook on a medium heat for 5-10 minutes without oil or water. You should see the oil from the paste and onions being gently released, which will in turn start to fry the spices and intensify their aromas. The spices will probably stick a bit, but don’t worry because when you add the water it will de-glaze the pan, gathering up all that great flavour. Afterwards, just proceed as normal with the instructions and enjoy!

Cook the day before

As you may have noticed, your leftovers always taste better the day afterwards. We would always suggest trying to cook your curry the night before, allowing it to cool completely and then reheating it the next day. This will give longer for the flavours to develop, giving you an even better curry! This is especially useful if you're hosting a dinner party - by the time of the big day, almost all the cooking is already done, giving you plenty of time to relax and socialise!

Split your sauce

Although we offer a smaller size in our Curry Packs, we know that some people still prefer our Standard Packs which make about 4 - 6 plate fulls. If you prefer to buy a larger pack, so you can save some for later, then we suggest cooking and freezing portions of the sauce without any of the other ingredients. These portions can then be taken out of the freezer and finished off with whatever meat or veg you fancy on the day - you can have lamb one night, prawn the next and so on. This is especially relevant for our Dhansak pack, which makes nearly twice as much food as our other mixes! If you are just cooking for two, that is a lot of leftovers! Using this method, you can get a lot more variety from one pack.

Use cheaper meats

Using the cheaper cuts of meat, such as beef skirt or chicken thighs, and cooking them slowly adds a great deal more flavour to your curry than when using leaner cuts. Add the bones to the sauce as well for extra meaty flavour!

Roast your veg

If you're cooking a vegetable curry, roasting your vegetables first before adding them to your curry gives them a sweeter flavour and a different texture. Experiment with different combinations to find your favourites.

Mix up a great dip

Try mixing one of our many pickles or chutneys with yoghurt. This will be perfect for your papadums and much easier for dipping! Geeta's Lime and Chilli Chutney is perfect for this, or, for a stronger and more savoury flavour, try Fern's Lime Pickle. You can also try mixing Demel's Hot Tamarind with a little hot water just to loosen it. This makes a perfect dip for Bhajias.

Add a garnish

A garnish not only looks impressive, it can really add that something extra to your finished dish. Coriander is traditional and most common garnish for curries, but don't let that stop you try other things, as there are plenty more exciting options out there. For instance, try adding some grated fresh ginger on top of your curry is a great way of adding warmth to a meal without the harsh heat of chilli. You could also try mint leaves, spring onions, flaked almonds, saffron strands, all sorts!