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Make her Mother's Day memorable!

Make her Mother's Day memorable!

Encourage Mum to put her feet up on Mother's Day and offer her a day of relaxation. Take away her worries of cooking Sunday lunch and pop on the washing up gloves!

Instead of flowers and chocolates this year, why not cook your Mum something special? We've got a complete meal plan ready to go, all you need to do is grab the ingredients and start cooking.

Rogan Josh

We recommend a warming, rich, slow-cooked Rogan Josh as the main event, not only is it the perfect Curry Pack to imitate a lovely cuddle from your dear old mum, it’ll help keep any winter cold that is still lingering at bay! This velvety dish is best cooked low and slow to enhance the deep smoky flavours - so it’s best when cooked the night before, then you can just take it round to Mum’s on Sunday!

Coconut & Chilli Garnish

Sprinkle some extra magic on Mother’s Day with our Coconut & Chilli garnish! All you need is 25g of desiccated coconut, 1 tsp of pul biber chilli flakes* and a pinch of sea salt! Take your coconut and dry fry until golden brown, add the chilli flakes and salt then sprinkle on top of your curry… Seriously simple but adds those brownie points!

*A mild, sweet chilli flake with a warm caramel note.

Kashmiri Roasts (side dish)

Sunday isn’t a Sunday without some sort of roast! Show your parsnips and potatoes some spice with our Kashmiri Roasts side dish.The perfect sidekick to your Rogan Josh to express to your mum how much of a hero she truly is!

... and to round it all off!

Add the finishing touches with a vibrant Beetroot Raita (you can find the recipe here!) and a selection of Previn’s naan breads - they’re light, doughy and all lovingly handmade at the Previn’s family business in Leicester!