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How to cook a goat curry

How to cook a goat curry

In India, mutton or goat is more widely available and used in curries compared to lamb. One of the things that stops people from enjoying goat is its reputation for being dry and a little tough, but this is terribly unfair; when prepared properly this is a lean, healthy, flavoursome meat, that is the perfect ingredient for curry!

A misconception is that you can treat goat meat exactly as you would lamb. Since goat meat is lean, with little fat, it will toughen up if cooked at high temperatures without moisture. Unlike lamb - which can be served rare - goat should be cooked thoroughly; preferably slow cooking in order to break down the collagen in the meat.

So here is a quick guide to cooking different cuts of the goat: enjoy!

Loin: Save this one for BBQ season and spice things up with a red pepper and goat kebabs - YUM!

Shoulder: This is the perfect cut for slow cooked Sunday lunch with our Ma's Paretal Curry Pack. This is a Spicebox exclusive, based on a recipe from Rafi’s Mother-in-law. Rafi's in-laws were originally from Kerala, in southern India, and would enjoy this curry with goat. Why not give it a try?

So remember, take it slow with goat, treat it gently and you will have the meal of a lifetime!