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For the love of sides!

For the love of sides!

Our Side Dishes are the best way to balance your meal with fresh, simple additions that transform your plate and palette. Our sides are very versatile so you can add whatever veggies you'd like to tailor your meal to your tastes. Our sides can be enjoyed alongside a curry or as a lighter main dish for those times you fancy a lighter bite.

Our side dishes are a super simple way for you to balance your meals and add an extra layer of texture and taste to your meal plan.

Lighter Options

Lighter Options are for those lunch and dinner occasions when you want a lighter bite to satisfy your hunger. Within our Lighter Options, we have some simply flavoured dishes such as our Coconut Vegetable and Corn On The Cob Curry.

Side Dishes and Stir-Fried Dishes

Just like our Lighter Options, you can have them as a lighter main or as a Side Dish with your main meal. Dishes like the Chana Masala are a great option as a lighter main as chickpeas are rather filling. The tangy, thick sauce that the chickpeas are soaked in, makes a dry side dish for any curry, or simply served with some Pilau Rice and one of our Salad Spices.

Our Stir-Fried Dishes are a great way of spicing up your veggies with our simple recipes like the Broccoli Upkari and Gujarati Greens. These stir-fried dishes add an extra layer of flavour to your veggies, creating a meal full of vibrancy, texture and flavour.

Salad Spices

These Spices create salads that are worthy of having on EVERYTHING! Enjoy them on a burger, sandwich or next to your curry - whatever you fancy! Our Carrot Salad and Red Cabbage Slaw both have similar methods for making them. Simply prepare your ingredients then toast the Salad Spices in a pan then pour them onto the prepared ingredients. These packs make it so easy to add more colour to your food and eat well.

Lentil Dishes

Dhals are hugely important dishes in Indian culture, with them being eaten almost every meal. We have 3 different dhal recipes; Gujarati Dhal, Tarka Dhal and Sambhar. Our Dhal packs are easy to make, however there is a certain skill to cooking these dishes. If you'd like to learn more about our tips on making the perfect dhal, head to our Dhal Top Tips blog to learn how to make the perfect dhal.