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Five Gift Ideas for Your Brother

Five Gift Ideas for Your Brother

In the Rafi's office we spend a lot of time talking about Christmas, and ways to make our families happy. As brothers are a big part of our company (Hi Kevin and Lee!), the conversation turned to the question (NB: no-one said problem) of what to buy our brothers for Christmas. Luckily, we work in a place filled with great present options - so here are our top five picks for our fraternal faves.

  • Louise's brother, Daniel, is getting the Rafi's Spicy Curry Kit; "This is a great choice for a chilli head, which he is. It has six different Curry Packs, all hot! He loves cooking and will really have fun experimenting!".
  • Dana's brother Euan is getting a Spice Blend Collection; "Euan is hosting Christmas this year, which means roughly fifteen people are gathering at his house expecting to be fed. So what could be better than ten Rafi's Curry Packs. In a sense, it's a gift for the whole family. Think they would fall for that??"
  • Jasmine's brother Jordan is getting a Rafi's Pestle and Mortar; "He asked for it, he said he wants to feel like an alchemist. I bought him the South Devon Chilli Growing Kit last year and now he wants to make his own chilli sauces with his harvest from this year. Can't wait to try his potions!"
  • Gill's brother Paul is getting his very own signed copy of the Rafi's Spicebox Cookbook; "He is an amazing cook who loves to experiment; I know he's wanted it for a while now. Hints have been dropped!"
  • Ian's brother is a vegetarian who want's to expand his repertoire, so he is getting a personalised food hamper with a selection of side dishes; Chana Masala, Bombay Potato, Coconut Veg, Mushroom Bahjee, and Navi Luna Chocolate, "All selected because he's a vegetarian. But also because he's a teacher and sporty, I have chosen these because they are healthy and quick to make All mild, as he's not good with heat. The chocolate because he loves it, and could use it in baking, which he also enjoys..."

What are you buying your brother for Christmas? All suggestions welcome!