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NGCI Curry Packs

NGCI Curry Packs

Do you sell gluten-free packs?

Unfortunately, we cannot call our packs gluten-free, therefore they are unsuitable for anyone with coeliac disease.

We can, however, create our packs without gluten-containing ingredients - we call these our NGCI (non-gluten-containing ingredients) packs. These are ideal for anyone who wishes to avoid gluten but are unsuitable for anyone with a gluten allergy. This is because they are made on the same spice desk as the rest of our Curry Packs.

All of our Curry Packs and Side Dishes can be made with non-gluten-containing ingredients. Some of our products are naturally non-gluten, including our Bhajia Packs - wowee! Our Bhajia Packs use Gram Flour (made from chickpeas) instead of wheat flour.

Does this change the recipe instructions?

Yes, slightly. When requesting that one of our Curry Packs be made with non-gluten-containing ingredients, we exclude the fried onions (which are coated in wheat flour and fried, therefore are unsuitable for a gluten-sensitive diet). As your 'non-gluten' Curry Pack doesn't have the fried onions included, we recommend chopping up a large onion and frying it to replace the depth of flavour from the missing fried onions. Taking the time to cook the onion really makes a difference to the finished dish.

If you have any other questions regarding our NCGI packs, message us on Facebook, Instagram, or on the live chat on our website.