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Moghlai - Curry fit for royalty

Moghlai - Curry fit for royalty

Moghlai cuisine has origins dating back to the Moghul Empire. The food is often characterised by its richness and distinct aromatic flavours. Moghlai culinary influence can be seen all across India but it is prominent in the North, and Delhi is considered the best place to experience this food cooked expertly. It is luxurious fare, but if you are a Moghul Emperor (and you are!), this is the sophisticated decadence you deserve!

When you are taking a day off from the diet, you might as well do it in style! Our Moghlai takes inspiration from the distinctive elements of Moghul cuisine to create our version of the popular ‘butter chicken’ dish. This is the only pack which we ask you to fry the meat (in butter!) before adding it to the sauce. This rich sauce is enhanced by an array of fragrant spice and a sweet nuttiness from the ground almonds. Finish it with cream, flaked almonds and sultanas.

For an autumnal alternative, try a Rabbit Moghlai instead of using chicken. Rabbit has a delicate game flavour which works well with the aromatic spice. To cut through the richness and provide balance to the meal, serve with a fresh salad (like this Cabbage and Red Onion Salad) and tangy, crunchy, pickled vegetables.