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What to do with your Malay Rendang!

What to do with your Malay Rendang!

This famous beef dish is actually of Indonesian origin. It was first created for honoured guests and visitors, as it usually takes a long time to prepare. There are so many different recipes and traditions with the Malay Rendang, so we thought we'd let you know how Rafi and her family first served it.


Our style of Rendang should be cooked with chuck, blade or stewing steak. It is a slow-cooked dish and nearly all of the liquid should be evaporated. You can do this at home by slow-cooking your meat in the oven or on the hob, then removing the lid and slowly simmering till you have a dark, thick consistency.


The Malay Rendang should only be a part of the final meal. Our favourite accompaniments are pineapple salad (it has everything we look for in a dish - sweet, sour, salty, spicy and crunchy), hard boiled eggs (halved), coconut rice and finally some salad or just some chopped raw cucumber. Try this Cucumber and Peanut Salad, as it works very well with the rich curry. Another option is some stir fried greens (try kale or cabbage) with garlic, chilli and a splash of soy sauce, oyster sauce or fish sauce. To go the whole hog, (and why wouldn't you?) we also have this simple Malay Pickle recipe which is worth a try. It crunch, tangy, sweet, nutty and very moreish.

This meal should be an occasion and you should take your time to gather all or some of these accompaniments. Rafi and her family would often sit around the dining table for hours eating meals just like this.