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Amchur Specialist

Amchur Specialist

Most curry lovers will already be familiar with the addictive qualities of Chaat Masala, but did you know that this versatile blend owes much of its power to the humble green mango?

Green unripened mango is used throughout India as a staple ingredient. You have never heard of it? Prepare to meet Amchur powder! This spice has refreshing fruity undertones that enhance a variety of curries, marinades, and soups.

Amchur is famous for its health benefits, as it is a rich source of vitamins A, B6, C, and E, as well as being packed full of fibre and iron. Unlike ripe mangoes which, delicious though they may be, are notoriously high in sugar, unripened mango is low in sugar, fat and carbohydrates. For any pirates out there, Amchur is a necessity on your next voyage as it is a traditional cure for scurvy, and counteracts flatulence: essential for happy bunkmates on the high seas. R’ me hearties!

Green vegetables love Amchur, with its citrus notes. A simple sprinkling over roast broccoli will make your Sunday dinner something extraordinary; or how about cutting through a creamy mac and cheese with a helping of Tangy Greens?