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Top Op Whole Nutmeg 75g

Nutmeg is a spice with distinct layers of flavour.


Nutmeg is a one of the most useful of spices for both sweet and savoury cooking, containing a myriad of sweet-sharp, scented and evocative flavours that might remind you of black pepper, of citrus, and of almost anything else tropical, exotic and romantic.

Nutmeg was once considered so valuable that it provoked wars and inspired people to circumvent the earth. The tree from which it comes is unique for producing two spices, because the lace-like filament that encloses the nutmeg gives us mace, a lighter, some would say more elegant, spice that is far less used.

Although Nutmeg is available ground, it is best to buy as a whole spice and grate as needed as it loses its delicate notes quickly.

Weight: 75g