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Rafi's Red Cabbage Slaw Spice Blend

This is Lee's own recipe and it always goes down a treat here at Spicebox HQ!


Top Tip: Make this the day before if possible, as the lemon juice transforms the colour of the red cabbage into a vibrant pink!

Instructions: Finely slice half a red cabbage and 2 red onions and mix together in a bowl. Add a in the juice of two lemons and 2 tsp of sugar. in a small frying pan , gently heat 1 tbsp of olive oil , add the cumin and curry leaves and fry on a low heat for 1 minute until the spices become fragrant. Pour the spices over the cabbage and onion and mix well. Leave to rest for a least 1 hour and serve at room temperature.

Ingredients: Fresh curry leaves, cumin seeds

Shelf life & storage: This mix will last for up to 1 week in a fridge and for 6 months in a freezer.