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Rafi's Mulled Drink Spices

A special spice blend to make a variety of warming mulled drinks.


Rafi's Mulled Drink Spices is the perfect mix for making a batch of festive mulled wine, mulled cider or even mulled lager. For a non-alcoholic alternative, try using warm apple juice. Spice it up by simply adding some fresh fruit like sliced oranges, apple, or thinly sliced ginger (depending on the drink).

Instructions: For best results, crush contents of this pack in a pestle and mortar first.Empty pack into a pan with you choice of liquid. WINE: 750ml bottle of fruity red wine and 2 slices of orange. CIDER: 1136 ml (2 bottles) of plain cider with 2 sliced apples. LARGER: 990ml (3 bottles) of larger with sliced fresh ginger to taste. Heat until steaming but not boiling. Add sugar to taste and serve in mugs.

For Non-alcoholic alternative, use good quality apple juice and follow cider recipe. Add a splash of fruit juice to lighten it.
For an extra kick, try adding a glug of Brandy or Amaretto to the mug.

Ingredients: Spices, Jaggery (SODIUM BISULPHITE) Dry Ginger

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