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Top Tips - Madras

Top Tips - Madras

Madras (now known as Chennai) is a city on the South Eastern coast of India. Rafi went to a convent in Madras which is where she met John, her first husband, who was at University there and had been her pen-pal for many years before.

This is a typical Muslim-style curry from the area and we think our version has a lot more depth and is much more authentic than any ‘Madras Curry Powder’ available today. Often described as a rich, earthy, tomato-based curry with mustard seeds and curry leaves--two ingredients which have been, and still are, widely used in this Southern Indian city.

If beef is your meat of choice, the Madras Curry Pack is the perfect mix to choose, as one of our favourite ways to have it is using minced beef. The Kheema Madras is a hearty and comforting curry; it will be hard to resist going back for ‘just one more spoonful’.

However, if you do happen to have any leftover Kheema Madras, here are two of Rafi’s Top Tips for using up what you have left:

Breakfast of Kings:

Use any leftover Kheema Madras for a hearty breakfast. Pile a healthy spoonful of keema onto a slice of toast and top it off with a fried egg. (As always, an absolute must with your fried egg is a dollop of Lingham’s Chilli Sauce!)

Super Snack:

Using shop-bought spring roll pastry it is very simple to make samosas or spring rolls with any leftover keema. Once made they freeze very well. This makes for a perfect after-school snack!