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Top Tips for your Mulligatanni Curry

Top Tips for your Mulligatanni Curry

The Mulligatanni is a classic chicken broth from the days of the Raj. Loosely translated, Mulligatanni means ‘pepper water’. It was often made with chicken stock, spices and coconut milk. The result was a thin, yellow-coloured soup which would be thickened with rice.

Rafi has taken this simple soup and turned it into a rich curry with tomatoes and spices. Her version is a more versatile dish which will go equally well with fish and seafood as it will with chicken.

We have gathered a few tips and suggestions together to inspire you to try our version of this classic dish.

Ingredients to use:

  • Chicken - This is the classic meat of choice. For best flavour, use chicken thighs on the bone.
  • Fish - Firm white fish works the best. Try using something a bit different like coley or whiting.
  • Leftover Cooked Meats - This dish has a lot of sauce, which stops the meat from drying out. Perfect for any leftover Sunday roast chicken.
  • Squash - Butternut squash, harlequin squash and onion squash all work well, adding a nutty sweetness. Also try roasting chunks of squash in the oven (skins on) for 30 minutes before stirring them into the sauce.


  • When using fish, cook the sauce the day before, and leave overnight for all the flavours to mature. Add the fish in large pieces when heating up the curry the following day.
  • If using fish, try leaving out the tomatoes and adding 300-500ml of water to create a thinner, broth-style sauce.
  • Try adding green beans near the end of cooking, giving the dish a fresh crunch.
  • Add lots of lemon or lime juice and coriander to garnish. The tangy freshness helps cut through the rich coconut milk.

We also have a couple of alternative recipes which are well worth a try: Asparagus and Chicken Mulligatanni and Red Mullet Mulligatanni.

If you come up with any recipes of your own using our Curry Packs, we would love to hear them!