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Tomato Goju - Top Tips

Tomato Goju - Top Tips

Tomato Goju is a recipe from Karnataka, a region of South-West India. Savoury, yet sweet, with intense onion and tomato flavours, it is sometimes called "bachelors curry" because it is ridiculously easy to make (I guess we spinsters are assumed to be able to cook elaborate feasts in order to fill our lonely, lonely evenings? Or maybe we just weep softly into our beans on toast). Editorialising aside, this curry gets your taste buds talking and wanting more, so let's dive in with our Top Tips for the tastiest Tomato Curry, this side of summer!

  • Choose the best tomatoes; look for a deep red blush with firm yet ripe flesh. The actual variety of tomato is less important than the quality, as this is a dish designed to enhance, not disguise its ingredients.
  • Don't keep your tomatoes in the fridge. The ideal temperature is room temperature, as this allows the fruit to sweeten, making your Goju even deeper in flavour.
  • Make sure that the lentils and dry spices are well tempered on a low heat; you want to bring out the nutty taste of the dhal, but without burning the powders. Once the lentils turn golden (not dark) brown, it's time to take them off the heat.
  • While this is a great hot side for a fish Patia or chicken Biryani, it is equally delicious cold. Simply keep a portion back from the table when you are serving your curry (if you put it on the table, then the chances are that you won't have any left over. We never do!), once its cold, place it in an air tight container and use as a chutney.
  • Giacomo, from our York shop, prefers to use tamarind in place of lemon juice, as he says it balances the sweetness of the jaggery without adding acidity.
  • Another of our Curry Crafters, Emily, recommends using it as a breakfast condiment; smear it on toast and serve with a poached egg. Personally, I prefer it on a cheese toastie, with a side of Bombay Potato Salad.

What's your suggestions for eating the Tomato Goju? Message us on Twitter or Facebook and let us know!