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The secret to a happy marinade

The secret to a happy marinade

The sun is shining today and at Rafi's HQ, we just discovered that one of our numbers didn’t know the difference between a marinade and marinate… Ok, it was me! Luckily I am surrounded by foodies who don’t judge me for my ignorance but educate me instead.

It turns out that marinade is the sauce in which you marinate your meat. So if I take the jar of Geeta's Tamarind Chutney that is in my fridge, mix it with a little water (only a little, perhaps a tablespoon or so), I can smear the marinade on some pork chops and leave them to marinate in the fridge overnight, my family will be very impressed by both my skills and my knowledge, yes?

I have actually been using this technique for years without knowing the lingo. This recipe for Salmon is spectacular, and if I want to impress my vegetarian mates then I simply knock up some Veg Tandoori Skewers.

Do you have any cooking terminology that puzzles you? If so, don’t be afraid to ask in Rafi’s we love to help (and maybe even learn something for ourselves)!