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Thai Salad Top Tips

Thai Salad Top Tips

If you hadn't noticed by now, we love a good salad here at Rafi's Spicebox. They're the perfect way to add texture, colour and raw food to your dish - as well as making you look like a top chef!

Here are some of our best tips for adding a Thai salad to your meal; once you've nailed these basics, have some fun and be creative with your dishes. You never know, some "mistakes" could turn out to be real winners at meal times!

  • Try a Thai slaw! Shake up your classic slaw of finely sliced white cabbage, carrot and onion by garnishing it with sweet chilli sauce, fresh red chillies vinegar and a splash of soy sauce!
  • Salted peanuts aren't just for snacking on - crush them gently with some fresh red chillies and sliced garlic (see picture) for a delicious side salad with a kick! A fiery accompaniment to any Thai Curry.
  • Pound some pineapple with fresh bird's eye chilli and a dash of fish sauce for an exciting flavour combination of salt, sweet and spice. A salad like this is very traditional in Thai villages.
  • Haven't got the time to prepare an extra dish? Simply garnish your dish with a handful of fried onions, red chillies, cashews and a sprinkle of salt to bring a pop of texture to your finished curry.

Like the sound of the salads? Now try them with the curries; Thai Red, Thai Green and Thai Yellow.

We'd love to see your finished Thai salads, why not send us a quick snap on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter?