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It's Kebabs For the Summer

It's Kebabs For the Summer

The origins of kebabs are contested and there are plenty of stories out there! The one I like to believe claims that Genghis Khan and his horse-back riders would kill and butcher an animal, before skewering pieces of meat onto their swords or daggers and cooking it over an open fire whilst on the road!

Kebabs crop up in many different cuisines from India and Malaysia to the Mediterranean and Middle East. Sometimes you find cubes of meat or vegetables, sometimes minced meat. One thing which unites most kebabs is that they are cooked over an open flame. This makes kebabs perfect for the BBQ season. The word kebab comes from the Arabic word cabob meaning to burn or char, so let that happen. It adds loads of flavour, and it's very traditional to let the meat get a little colour on it.

At Rafi's we have devised our own distinct spice mix, to make it super easy for you to enjoy a kebab at home this summer! This special spice blend has been created to help you make the most of BBQ season. Mix it with lamb or beef mince to create flavourful burgers or tasty kebabs.

For a tasty vegetarian dish, try this recipe for some yummy Veg Tandoori Skewers, made with our very own Tandoori Masala.