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Storing Spices

Storing Spices

In the U.K. most of us have a spice-rack with a few well-used jars, and other full, never opened decorative items. One reason for these neglected treasures is that most people are uncertain how to use spices effectively, but we at Rafi’s are here to answer all of your questions (well, the food-related ones…).

One of the most important things about spices is storage, as spices can easily lose their aroma and flavour if they aren’t kept in the right conditions.

In order for spices to last it is vital that they are stored in airtight containers that keep them dry and away from light. While most containers for spices designed to be airtight, they are often also made of glass (a nice exception to this is Seasoned Pioneers, their foil packets are designed to keep the spices fresh for as long as possible).

In India, every kitchen has one or more dabba, used to store frequently used spices. If you have seen one of our curry crafters at work, then you have probably admired the ingenuity of their spice tins: round stainless steel containers with an inner and outer lid and about six smaller round containers inside that are essential to proper storage. This metal container is also a great way to preserve space and to reduce plastic!

If you want to help us reduce waste, but don’t want to invest in a dabba, then we committed to the #PlasticFreeFriday initiative, which many of our customers already take advantage of. For example, this means that you can bring in an empty paprika tin, or a small airtight container and we will happily fill it from our treasure store of spices behind our desks, ensuring that you get fresh spices at only a fraction of their normal prices!