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Stay cool with curry

Stay cool with curry

It’s fair to say that this summer is a little bit warmer than usual, and we are loving it! We don’t want to be indoors while the sun is up, and luckily, Indian food is perfect for barbeques and picnics. So come outside, because we have some treats for you.

When we first conceived the Rafi’s Spicebox Cookbook we wanted our customers to find dishes that would fit in with your lifestyle and so we came up with lots of dishes that are absolutely perfect for a barbeque. One of the most popular dishes from the book is the Kofta (Spiced Meatballs) on page 106. This is such a simple recipe and makes and an amazing wrap if you combine it with Lee’s Red Cabbage Slaw and the zingy carrot salad on page 132.

But what about a vegetarian burger? Our Vada Pav is a super easy recipe (found on page 82) and tastes wonderful. This famous Mumbai dish was invented in 1966 by a vendor outside of Dadar Train Station (the same spot that his son sells from today), and is a spicy mashed potato burger that makes the perfect summer lunch; particularly when drizzled with Sauce Shop Smoky Chipotle Ketchup. One of the things that makes this burger so good is that it is held together with a batter made from our own Bhajia Pack, so it is perfect for grilling for an extra crunch in your lunch.

Be sure to share your pictures of your culinary alfresco adventures with us, we want to know that you use and love our recipes as much as we do!