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Staff Suggestions - Curry Combinations

Staff Suggestions - Curry Combinations

Variety is the spice of life! Here we have gathered some suggestions from our staff to give you some ideas for creating interesting menus using both our main and side dishes.

  • Try a Vindaloo alongside pineapples marinated in chilli and lime juice.
  • Try roasting your Bombay Potato mix after adding the potatoes to the spices. This gives a nice crunch and is good with a rich Korma.
  • The savoury flavours of the Mattar Paneer work well with a creamy curry like the Pasanda.
  • With a dry curry like the Bhuna, a wet Tarka Dhal or a vegetable curry with a sauce and yoghurt works great.
  • The Golden Pumpkin Curry, which is sweet and rich, works brilliantly in contrast with a Jalfrezi with its fresh tomatoes and green pepper.
  • A rich curry like the Ma's Paretal works well with the Gujarati Green Beans, which are fresh and crunchy. The coconut in both dishes complement each other nicely.

If you really fancy sampling our side dishes, how about trying this Side Dish Thali menu and experience a wonderful mix of flavours and textures:

Serve with rice, papadums, beetroot raita, and your favourite pickle!