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Rafi's Spicebox Opens in Ilkley Booths!

Rafi's Spicebox Opens in Ilkley Booths!

Rafi's is company with a proud history, for over 30 years we have been making food that has become part of the fabric of British life. From our original shop in Sudbury to our counter in the food hall of Fenwick's in Newcastle, we have worked hard to ensure that our core values of quality, community, and good eating have been reflected in our practice and partnerships.

Eighteen months ago we entered into a new phase of our journey when we opened up our first concession in the Burscough branch of Booths. Since then we have opened up two more stands in the Booths stores in Fulwood and Knutsford. Yesterday we opened our fourth concession stand in Ilkley Booths, which is a milestone for us as we now have 10 sites operating in the UK!

We give this opening 10 out of 10!

It's official - we are now open in Ilkley

It's official, our fourth Booths Concession Stand is open!

Kevin performs the traditional cracking of a coconut. When the cover, husk, and shell are removed, only then can the “sweet milk of success” be released. Rafi performed this ceremony at the beginning of new ventures and it is a way of honouring her legacy, without any religious aspect to it.

Jade and Jonny hard at work to fill our new stand with delicious spices!