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Panch Pooran

Panch Pooran

Panch Pooran is Indian five spice ('panch' means five in Hindi). There are a number of different spellings for this blend, but they all consist of five whole spices - fennel, cumin, onion seed, fenugreek and mustard seed.

This wonderfully aromatic mix of spices can be used for many things, and is particularly common in Bengal and Eastern India. It can be fried in hot oil or ghee which will start the seeds popping very quickly, releasing their incredible flavours and oils. This is known as a baghar (meaning tempering), and is often used to coat various vegetables or meat when cooking.

Panch Pooran can be used whole or crushed (be sure to roast the seeds first) in a number of dishes and works particularly well in stews, dhals, and even in bread and pickles. It keeps well when stored whole in an airtight container, which ensures it's vibrant flavour better - only crush or grind the amount you need for a dish.