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Our Favourite Ma's Paretal Serving Suggestions

Our Favourite Ma's Paretal Serving Suggestions

The Ma’s Paretal is definitely a staff favourite here at the Spicebox. Here is a collection of our favourite serving suggestions to make your curry extra special this month:

Gill - “I like to use a combination of chicken breast and baby sweetcorn. I cook the sauce for a while first, to develop the flavour, then add the chicken later, so it doesn't get dry.”

Ian - “I enjoy making this dish with a mixture of chicken thighs and drumsticks. Using chicken with all the bones and skin may not be attractive to some, but I love the extra flavour you get. I like to finish it off with lots of fresh coriander and lemon juice and serve it with a simple dhal garnished with toasted coconut.”

Lou/Harrogate shop - “We all like a goat Ma's Paretal. It's the go-to recommendation when customers come into the shop, having been sent to us after buying goat from Mark at the Yorkshire Farmers Meat Co. It has a more subtle flavour than beef but is more intense than lamb, so you could say it has the best of both worlds. Even better still, it's really good for you! It is apparently low in cholesterol, high in iron and has less fat than chicken. Slow cook it on the hob or in the oven on a low heat for at least a couple of hours in one of our Ma's Paretal packs and serve simply with some bread. With such a hearty dish you need little else. Once you have tried it, I guarantee you will be back for more."

Hana - “Lamb meatballs are my favourite! I just shape the lamb mince into balls and then put them in the fridge to chill fully (this helps keep them together). No need to fry them first, just drop them straight into the sauce and let them cook.”

Tim - “I like to make it with rolls of lamb neck on the bone, then serve it up with the whole neck rolls, like lil yummy curry steaks!”

Conor - “I would cook it with lamb in the slow cooker, so that the lamb becomes really tender, and serve it simply, garnished with yoghurt and coriander.”

Alex - “It’s delish with aubergine and lamb!”

Charlotte - “Because I am vegetarian I like to use quorn with this, or I just use up whatever veg I have in the fridge!”

Lee - “I like this one with roast vegetables - try a combination of courgette, peppers, and, to add a nice savoury element, mushrooms.”