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Top Vegetarian Curry Pack suggestions!

Top Vegetarian Curry Pack suggestions!

Veganuary is almost over, but there's plenty of ways to keep eating vegan through the rest of the year!

India contains more vegetarians than the rest of the world combined, with a whopping 500 million veggies in the country! With so many vegetarians living in India, the culture and society has embraced vegetarianism for centuries, allowing the country's cuisine to thrive and be based around a meat-free diet. Indian cooking has become famous for its use of spices to compliment the flavour of vegetables and grains.

We have vegetarian suggestions for each of our dishes that provide incredibly tasty options for veggies, vegans, or just any one who might fancy a meat-free meal!

Here are our top tips for using veg in your curries on our Spring Menu.

A luxurious almond-based dish that favours starchy veg. Use Purple sprouting broccoli or roast cauliflower, baby onions and a sprinkle of toasted almond flakes.

Tikka Masala
A reinvention of the British Classic which has become a staple in UK curry houses. Use roasted mix peppers and cubes of paneer, pre-fried so the edges are browned and slightly crisp.


Rumoured to be a Birmingham curry, the Balti has a thick and rich tomato sauce with a fresh finish from a dash of vinegar. Try this with cauliflower and mushroom for a vegetarian twist.

Goan Green
From the sunny shores of Goa, this coconut based dish is zesty and fresh. Try roasting some carrot, peppers and courgette before adding them to the sauce.

Do Piaza
Perfect for the onion-lover, the Bengali dish is traditionally made with heaps of chunky onion and lashings of yoghurt. Try with oven roasted courgettes, quartered red onion and baby carrots.

Saag Gosht
This earthy tomato-based dish usually requires heaps of spinach, but try using red kale, mushrooms and chickpeas for the perfect veggie alternative.