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Moghlai for Mind

Moghlai for Mind

Last month, we announced that we will be supporting Mind, the Mental Health Charity, over the next year.

November marks the start of our fundraising attempts. This month, we’ll be donating 50p from every Moghlai Curry Pack to Mind.

Never had a Moghlai before? Now is your chance. This dish originates from the Moghul empire, and this food is often characterised by its richness and distinct aromatic flavours. Moghul influence can be seen all across India, but it is especially prominent in the North, and Delhi is considered the best place to experience this food. It is a luxurious fare, but, if you are a Moghul Emporer, this is the sophisticated decadence you deserve!

Over the next year we’ll be raising money for the local minds where our shops are located. This means that the funds will be distributed between Suffolk Mind, York Mind, Harrogate Mind, Tyneside and Northumberland Mind, and Leeds Mind.

In recent years, advances in science and understanding have helped remove some of the stigma surrounding mental illness. Despite this progress, those who experience mental health problems daily face discrimination, isolation and exclusion. By supporting our local Mind charities, the organisations are able to use the funds to offer services such as Mentoring, Counselling, Advocacy, Befriending and Peer Support Groups.

Help support Mind and try a Moghlai today.