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Top Tips for Curry Left Overs

Top Tips for Curry Left Overs

It's the last week of August, with friends and family gathering to enjoy the last of the summer sun. We know how difficult it can be to keep everyone fed and happy, so here are some Top Tips for using up left overs over the August Bank Holiday.

  1. Rafi’s Biryani Curry Pack is one of our best-sellers and for good reason, but have you ever thought about turning it into a rice salad? Simply take the cold rice (always store rice in the fridge, and don’t reheat it) and add several tablespoons of yoghurt or some kind of oil based dressing, then serve with a generous garnish of salad.

  2. Our Bombay Potato Salad is already delicious, but there are still a couple of ways to improve it. Substitute some thinned down Geeta’s Tamarind Chutney for the lemon juice, then top off with Pradip’s Dal Mooth for some extra crunch.

  3. Got some leftover meat and veg from the Sunday Roast, or perhaps even a bit of Bombay Potato and Kheema Madras? Then make Curry Puffs! These quick little pastry snacks are great for picnics, particularly when dipped in room temperature Tomato Goju.

  4. Left over Rafis Corn on the Cob Curry Pack is perfect for any camping enthusiasts. Simply roast your corn over the flames while the sauce is bubbling nicely in your billy can, then serve with the potatoes that you had wrapped in foil and baked in the coals and ashes.

  5. Try a twist on a chicken wrap by taking cold Thai Yellow Curry, with minimal sauce, add some of Lee’s Red Cabbage Slaw and Carrot Salad and serve in a packed pitta bread!

What are your tips for using up left-overs? Head to Facebook and leave your suggestion on our page, we are always keen to learn.