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Lee and Kevin's Side Dish Tips

Lee and Kevin's Side Dish Tips

Lee’s Side Dish Top Tip:

"Because it’s a dry dish, the Gujarati Green Beans are perfect to serve alongside many of our curries which have a sauce. They provide a different texture and the simple spicing and coconut bring clean flavours to the meal. If having a drier dish, like the Bhuna, try frying the Gujarati Green Beans pack with onions, tomatoes and a little water. This will create a little more sauce, again providing a contrasting consistency."

Kevin’s Side Dish Top Tip:

"Use the Bombay Potato pack to use up any leftover vegetables. Simply fry the pack for a couple of minutes and then add the vegetables, and stir fry. Garnish with lemon juice and fresh coriander. This is a great way to use up any Sunday Lunch leftovers! You can also add tomatoes to create more of a sauce, and try experimenting by adding creamed coconut or coconut milk."