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#ItsOkToBeBlue Month

#ItsOkToBeBlue Month

If you are a fan of our Vindaloo Curry Pack, then this month you will notice something different about the label: it’s now a Vinda-Blue. That’s because we are taking part in Mind’s #ItsOkToBeBlue campaign and will be donating 50p from every Vinda-Blue Curry Pack sold to our local Mind charities, based in: York, Suffolk, Harrogate, Newcastle, Leeds, Lancashire and Mid-Cheshire.

Mind are committed to helping anyone with a mental illness, or supporting someone with a mental illness, and as part of our mission to help our local communities we want to support them in spreading the message that “It’s ok not to feel ok; it’s ok to talk about your feelings; and it’s ok to ask for help”.

Mind provide the much needed advice and support to empower and uplift anyone experiencing a mental health problem. By supporting our local Mind charities, the organisations are able to use the funds to offer services such as Mentoring, Counselling, Advocacy, Befriending and Peer Support Groups. The York group alone helped 4,500 people over the last year and we hope that we can help them reach many more.

If you think that the Vinda-Blue is too hot for you, think again! As with all our Curry Packs, we can easily provide a mild/medium option, allowing you to enjoy fabulous mix of garlic and ginger and a tang coming not only from the vinegar, but also tamarind balanced with a fragrant mix of fennel, black pepper, cloves and star anise.

So there you have it, try a Vinda-Blue and don’t forget to tag us and Mind with #ItsOkToBeBlue, because it really is...