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Healthy New Year Recipe Ideas

Healthy New Year Recipe Ideas

If you feel like it's time for something a bit different after the rich indulgence of Christmas, here are a couple of ideas to kickstart your New Year healthy eating habits.

Is kale still cool? Who are we to say? This trendy superfood has gained a lot of popularity over the last of year, but before it gets superseded by the new 2015 food fad, try these:

  • Instead of spinach, try using kale (which is currently in season) in our Gujarati Potato Curry. Use it in exactly the same way as spinach, it just might need a little extra cooking.
  • Substitute the green beans for sliced kale in our Gujarati Green Bean Curry Pack, or try using other brassicas like cabbage or small florets of broccoli.

As an alternative to rich meats, many curries also work brilliantly with fish. With its firm, meaty texture, monkfish is good to use in curries. Our Xacutti Curry Pack is great for monkfish, providing a rich thick sauce to coat the fish (experiment with less or no coconut for a healthier option). The day before you plan to have your curry, cook up the sauce and leave it overnight to develop in flavour. When you are ready, poach the fish in the sauce when reheating. For a lighter alternative try using our Patia Curry Pack, with this fragrant Fish Curry recipe.

Happy New Year and Happy Eating!