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Easter Recipe Recommendation

Easter Recipe Recommendation

For a special Easter time meal you won’t find anything better than this Moghul Style Roast Lamb. Coming from the Moghul Dynasty, this style of dish would be prepared as a centre piece to a lavish feast. It includes the aromatic spices we associate with Northern India with the addition of almonds for extra indulgence.

I have cooked this dish for special occasions and it never fails to impress. Cooking is easy, slap on the marinade, yoghurt, almonds and spices, leave for a few hours and roast. The marinade will form a soft crust which compliments the rich lamb beautifully. We have also tested the recipe on a whole chicken and it also works brilliantly, keeping the bird really moist.

My mum used to serve it with grilled tomatoes and a vegetable Moghlai so as not to confuse the flavours, which could happen if we served it with a South Indian Style Dhal or Coconut Vegetable Curry.

The cold leftovers are also amazing in a chapatti bread wrap, with a Kachoober salad and a beetroot raita style dressing.

What are you planning to eat for Easter lunch this year? And how will you use your leftovers?

Let us know!