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(Curry) Packing for holidays

(Curry) Packing for holidays

One of the best things about travelling is all the delicious food that you can eat guilt free!

The Rafi’s staff love to travel and eat so we can attest to the fact that our packs make the perfect treat to take to Scarborough and cook a Chickpea Jalfrezi over a campfire, or to Valencia for a spicy prawn Vindaloo during the fire festival.

With everything in one convenient pack, all you need to do when you get there is find some lovely ingredients to put in it; get creative with the fantastic seafood in Spain and Italy or the wonderful meats in the U.S. and Canada. There are so many fantastic options, and we love it when customers share their recipes with us.

Because our packs are pocket-sized, with under 100g of paste, most countries are fine if you put your mixes in your main suitcase (please check for restrictions as some countries are strict about the importation of seeds such as cumin). Plus, we can make the packs ambient - made with dry ingredients these packs can be stored in a cupboard for six months - this means that don’t need to worry about refrigeration; perfect for a walking holiday in the Lake District! And while you are out and about, why not add some free flavour to your meal by foraging for wild garlic?

Wherever you decide to go on holiday, be sure to pack some of our mixes for your essential curry survival kit. We would love to hear from you and see some of the exotic places that our food reaches, so be sure to send us some photos! If you are particularly imaginative, we may even give you a prize…

Happy Holidays, curry lovers!