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Thai Yellow - Enjoy the perfect Thai dining experience

Thai Yellow - Enjoy the perfect Thai dining experience

A richer curry than the Thai Red or Green, and slightly milder, the delicate flavours of this Yellow Curry (Kaeng Kari) complement seafood perfectly. It also works very well with stronger flavours such as duck.

The Thai Yellow is our only Thai curry which contains no shrimp paste, so it's suitable for the vegetarians amongst you. Try it with cubed potato, green beans and roasted pepper!

Traditionally, a Thai meal would have at least five elements:

  • A curry or stew, such as the Thai Yellow.
  • A dip or relish. Traditionally, a yellow curry would be served with Ajat, a cucumber relish (recipe here), which is sweet, sour and refreshing. For a chilli kick, try dipping raw and cooked vegetables in Sriracha Sauce.
  • Khao (cooked rice). Try sticky rice for an authentic experience - great for mopping up sauces.
  • A clear soup (such as Tom Yum).
  • A deep-fried dish.
  • A stir-fried dish of meat, fish, seafood and/or vegetables.

This may seem like a lot of food for one meal, but Thai food is all about contrasting and complex flavours and textures. It is not known for its simplicity! If you were to plan a Thai menu at home, the first three items on the list are the ones you should not miss out. The rest are optional.