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A Curry for Summer - the Patia

A Curry for Summer - the Patia

The Patia comes from the Parsi community, (as does the Dhansak). The Parsis hail from Persia (modern day Iran) and are mostly settled in Mumbai today. This dish is a celebration meal, often cooked for Navjot, a ceremony to welcome a newborn into the Zoroastrian religion.

As it's a sweet and sour curry, it works brilliantly with lamb, prawns or fish. If you're going veggie, courgettes and new potatoes are lovely and summery.

This dish is fresh and vibrant; to add even more flavour and texture here's some of our top tips:

  • Add a dollop of Geeta's Tamarind Chutney or some tamarind juice (to taste) in with the curry sauce to add complexity to the meal.
  • Finish the dish off with a tsp of garam masala stirred through at the very end of cooking, just before serving.
  • Garnish it with shredded mint, cherry tomatoes and spring onions.
  • Serve your Patia the traditional way alongside a dhal and some yellow rice.
  • Try an interesting twist on the dish using this delicious Summer Fish Curry recipe idea.