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Palak Paneer: How to get the most out of our new pack.

Palak Paneer: How to get the most out of our new pack.

With another brand new Rafi's dish we are going to the north of India to explore some of the tastes of the Punjab with our Palak Paneer Curry Pack, featuring on our spring menu. The combination of spinach, Indian curd cheese and spice makes this a very pleasing, savoury dish. It can be served alongside other dishes as a side or even as a light main meal for two.

Top Tips

  • The vivid green colour comes from pureed spinach. You can use a food processor, but it’s also easy to do with a stick blender. If you don’t have either of these, you can chop the spinach finely with a knife (you just won’t get the silky texture).
  • To keep the colour (and flavour!), blanch the spinach only very briefly in boiling water and immediately put it in cold water, before draining and blending. It may seem a little faffy, but it’s well worth the effort for the intense green colour you get!
  • We like using the firm paneer cheese for this dish, fried first in a little oil. Let the edges brown and go crispy before adding it to the spiced spinach. Frying the paneer adds both a nice charred flavour and also a great contrasting texture both to the soft inside of the cheese and the velvety spinach sauce.
  • Paneer is available from our shop (but unfortunately not online) and at most supermarkets (if you're not nearby). But it's also really easy to make yourself! Click here to have a look at our recipe.
  • Try garnishing with some wedges of lime or lemon and some thin matchsticks of fresh ginger.