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Make your Mattar Paneer extra special

Make your Mattar Paneer extra special

This dish boasts a great combination of flavours - earthy, savoury spices like cumin, coriander and asafoetida, combined with subtle paneer cheese, deliciously sweet peas, and rich tomatoes.

The Mattar Paneer works beautifully as an accompaniment to lighter dishes, like a chicken Do Piyaza, but is also quite a robust meal in itself. Try serving it alongside another veg dish, like the Gujarati Green Beans, a Dhal and some soft warm, freshly made chapatis.

Here are some Top Tips for making your Mattar Paneer extra special:

  • Try adding a garnish of fresh mint and coriander or, for a more luxurious finish, try double cream or cashew nut paste.
  • Get some extra flavour and texture by frying your paneer, browning it on all sides, before adding it to the tomato gravy. For even more flavour you can try adding spices such as cumin seeds or chilli flakes whilst frying the paneer.
  • For presentation (when using a shop-bought block of paneer) try breaking it up by hand, as this gives the dish a really rustic feel.
  • As an alternative to paneer (for vegan or lactose-free cooking) you could substitute it with firm tofu.
  • Try making your own fresh paneer with our recipe - it's super simple!