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Make the Most of your Ma's Paretal

Make the Most of your Ma's Paretal

Trying to find a meal that everyone can enjoy? A good curry always keeps people happy. So what better to feed your family with, than our family recipe?

The original Ma’s Paretal recipe is from Kevin and Lee’s Grandmother (Rafi’s Mother-In-Law). It is full of flavour and will get everyone around the table wanting seconds!

As Kevin and Lee explain, ‘Ma's Paretal is a colloquial term meaning 'Mother’s curry' or 'Mother's cooking curry'; every family would have their own version of this. The Ma of this recipe is our Dad's mum, who was born in Kerala but lived in Malaysia. She would often use freshly grated coconut in this curry, which she would have got from the tree in the garden. The coconut gave it a very rich finish. She was well known for her curries being really hot!

At the family home, Grandmother would cook all morning, and then leave the food in the open dining area. Throughout the day everyone would come home from work, college etc. at various times and eat a meal. Always served at room temperature (which was probably 35 degrees plus)!’

Rafi would always suggest using lamb or mutton for this curry, as Lee remembers ‘It was always cooked with knobbly bits of mutton with all the fat and bones!’

‘We love this dish at home - cooked low and slow with lamb or sometimes mutton. I buy lamb blade from Dawsons which is from the shoulder blade. If I buy it as a joint I fillet it, but also add the bone into the curry for additional flavour. Both our grandmothers would cook lamb this way on the bone - never particularly attractive but always with amazing flavour!’- Kevin

We hope you enjoy this curry as much as many generations of the Fernandez family have!